Thursday, June 24, 2010

New bag

I'm a university student. I live in a university sharehouse, with 4 other people. I may have started to monopolise a good portion of the lounge room with my fabric, sewing machine and other bits and bobs. At present there are 2 milk crates, 1 suit case, and 3 of those 50 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm plastic storage boxes of fabric in the corner of our lounge room. I've been sewing for so long, and have such little self control when it comes to buying stuff, that all of it has started to build up. A lot. So now I'm going to make some more of the smaller things to use up a lot of remnants from bigger projects and stored fabric I've got. So lots of purses and bags to come!

Slouchy bag in a floral forest vintage print:

I really like this one, but I really should post it on etsy, I need to list more over there. Buying fabric = making my own clothes = saving money BUT buying fabric + buying clothes + making clothes = brokety brokety broke broke :( ergo I need to make less bits and bobs for me (or stop buying clothes...but this is not going to happen).

I shall probably post some more pictures of the other things I've made a bit later (the b button on my laptop is dying, making typing very poo).

Much love!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Etsy listings

Two new etsy listings!

1. Black and white crocheted checkered beret:

2. Floral 60's print fitted bustier

I made both pieces this weekend, the bustier I''ve been wanting to make for a while, but I want to make another version with a fitted (underwire) cup and straps. After I head to Spotlight tomorrow I'll probably make one tomorrow again :)

Lots of love,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Etsy listing: Nautical halter dress

Another new item listed on my etsy!

A nautical print halter dress in a bombshell '50s style, perfect for spring with some red heels or winter with some leggings and boots!

Item is listed here on etsy! :)

Much love,


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dress: work in progress

Another dress (I have time, I make things! This is how my life works (when it's not full instead of watching Simpson/Futurama DVDs in procrastination)) :

This dress still needs to be hemmed, its about a size 14, halter dress that ties at the neck. It's a bit darker than in the photo (well it's 2 am and I just took the pic so offsetting that is not so good). It'll probably be listed on Etsy tomorrow night.

Argh, anyways, goodnight!


Dresses: past creations

These are some other peices, mostly dresses, I've made this year. For the majority of the things I make I either make a pattern, then the peice and play around with it (letting seams in and out/lengthening/etc.) until I get it how I want and then label and store the pattern, or I just cut and play with the fabric until it's something I like and then I make a pattern from that. These are some things I've made this year.

Zebra print halter mini dress for a uni ball costume - pattern & design by me :)

Blue and white dress - size 14

Blue and white dots, strapless dress with a-line skirt, size 14

Same pattern as the previous one, a strapless a-line dress in a cartoony print.

Strapless maxi/evening/sundress, gathered at the bust, crepe fabric with an oriental print in whites/yellow creams/blues, size 8-14. This ones currently listed on etsy over here.

My exams finally finished today! This means many more things to come in the next few weeks :)

Much love,


Friday, June 11, 2010

An Introduction

``````Hello there wonderful people! My name's Jane and this is my new shiny blog :)

This shall hopefully be a place where I'll post regularly to keep tabs on my new project. At 19, and after many jobs in admin, retail, all the regular "I'm a desperate student and I need money NOW" jobs, I'm taking it easy (and poor) for a while and trying my hand at selling my own creations.

This is me:

Pretty blue fairy lights in the background: I love my house!

The photo's from my boyfriends 21st a few months ago, the theme was "circus" (we rented a fairy floss machine!! And a couple of our friends are fire twirlers so we had that too + 50 metres of fairy lights of course!!), ergo my red ringmasters jacket I made quite rushedly for the event.

At the moment, I'm in crazy exam study mode (I'm a maths and astronomy major...eeep), but over the next few months I expect I'm going to be posting here quite a bit (in leiu of my regular 16hrs of work which are now out of the picture - this makes me very happy!), and also posting clothing, jewelry and accessories over at my etsy account:

Check it out and tell me what you think!!

Much love,