Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dresses: past creations

These are some other peices, mostly dresses, I've made this year. For the majority of the things I make I either make a pattern, then the peice and play around with it (letting seams in and out/lengthening/etc.) until I get it how I want and then label and store the pattern, or I just cut and play with the fabric until it's something I like and then I make a pattern from that. These are some things I've made this year.

Zebra print halter mini dress for a uni ball costume - pattern & design by me :)

Blue and white dress - size 14

Blue and white dots, strapless dress with a-line skirt, size 14

Same pattern as the previous one, a strapless a-line dress in a cartoony print.

Strapless maxi/evening/sundress, gathered at the bust, crepe fabric with an oriental print in whites/yellow creams/blues, size 8-14. This ones currently listed on etsy over here.

My exams finally finished today! This means many more things to come in the next few weeks :)

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