Friday, June 11, 2010

An Introduction

``````Hello there wonderful people! My name's Jane and this is my new shiny blog :)

This shall hopefully be a place where I'll post regularly to keep tabs on my new project. At 19, and after many jobs in admin, retail, all the regular "I'm a desperate student and I need money NOW" jobs, I'm taking it easy (and poor) for a while and trying my hand at selling my own creations.

This is me:

Pretty blue fairy lights in the background: I love my house!

The photo's from my boyfriends 21st a few months ago, the theme was "circus" (we rented a fairy floss machine!! And a couple of our friends are fire twirlers so we had that too + 50 metres of fairy lights of course!!), ergo my red ringmasters jacket I made quite rushedly for the event.

At the moment, I'm in crazy exam study mode (I'm a maths and astronomy major...eeep), but over the next few months I expect I'm going to be posting here quite a bit (in leiu of my regular 16hrs of work which are now out of the picture - this makes me very happy!), and also posting clothing, jewelry and accessories over at my etsy account:

Check it out and tell me what you think!!

Much love,


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